Gadget and Gadgetinis


All over the world people are becoming mad, panic gains the whole planet. The World Organization of Maintaining Peace (WOMP) where Inspector Gadget works has discovered that it's due to a gas propagating on all earth. Obviously the WOMP suspects MAD and Dr Claw of spreading the gas. This gas is called "Mad Gas" and makes people become mad. The mission of Inspector Gadget is to destroy the laboratories which produce the gas. Of Course he can count on Penny and on the Gadgetinis to help him in his mission and try to definitively get rid of the evil Dr Claw.

Key Features

  • 4 exciting worlds to explore:
  • Las Vegas
  • China
  • The Womp Offices
  • And of course the Mad Base!
  • 2 Game Modes for a varied playing experience:
  • Platform mode starring Gadget!
  • Shooting mode starring the Gadgetinis!
  • More than a dozen gadgets available!
  • Amazing graphics that render the TV series in 3D!