Garfield - Saving Arlene


Garfield, the world's most famous feline, is back in a brand-new adventure, and this time the fur really flies! While taking a well-deserved snooze, Garfield is awakened by dim-witted doggy, Odie, and sees his gal pal, Arlene, in the back of the pound car! Distraught over the idea of never seeing Arlene again, Garfield overcomes his natural selfishness and resolves to rescue her, taking Odie with him -- maybe the mangy mutt can finally be useful! Garfield and Odie set out for a crazy cross-town adventure filled with perils aplenty. Will the cat save the day and get the girl?

Key Features

  • Lead Garfield through 6 huge levels to rescue Arlene!
  • Garfield can use original food-based special powers!
  • Give orders to Odie and use his crazy skills!
  • Laugh along with Garfield 's famous sense of humour!
  • Highly captivating game play for the whole family!