Kaan: Barbarian's Blade


Hopefully Kaan happen to save the queen from the attack. All her officers were killed while defending the town. Worse, a villain escaped the kingdom taking on his side the orb of hope, the jewel which had so far ensured the protection of the kingdom.

Appalled by the hopelessness of the Queen and the devastated ruins, Kaan commits himself to chase the villain and to bring the orb back.

Key Features

  • 27 different enemies
  • 6 weapons, 5 shields, 8 armor items
  • 17 levels and a fight arena
  • 4 simultaneous full screen processings
  • Perfect fluidity of the action
  • High number of enemies to fight simultaneously
  • Complex and interactive environments
  • A new system to tell the story: "3D comics" with about one hundred of original drawings ilustrating the story
  • Tens special effects
  • Scene in slow motion during the fight, in order to maximize the player's control of Kaan's combinations of movements
  • On PS2, 4 simultaneous full screen processings:
  • Colored distance haze
  • Depth of field used to blur distant objects and sharpen the action area
  • Localized image distortion to simulate heat and enhance some special effects
  • Dynamic soft shadows system used for the character