Strawberry Shortcake - The Sweet Dreams Game


The sweet and helpful Strawberry Shortcake loves spending time with and her good friends: Angel Cake, Ginger Snap, Orange Blossom, Raspberry Torte and Lemon Meringue and is always looking out for them. Lately some of her friends have not been able to dream at night and they've asked Strawberry for her help. She decides to go to Dreamland to build new dreams for her friends, but this is no easy task! Help Strawberry by guiding her on the way to Dreamland and in the Dream Factory as she is faced with different challenges to overcome in her quest to help her friends dream again.

The Sweet Dreams Game stimulates the player's imagination and creativity all while having lots of fun and learning about the value of friendship!

I March 2007 Strawberry Shortcake - The Sweet Dreams Game has been designated a 2007 Parents' Choice Approved award winner.

  • The game is a mix of challenging platform-style game play within the 8 exploration levels and 6 fun mini-games!
  • Players must overcome platforms, holes, jumpers and different dangers and enemies such as the plundering Berry birds.
  • Help Strawberry obtain and use the special powers she can acquire by unlocking dreams containing imagery of the power itself.
  • The game is set in 4 enchanting environments: Strawberryland, the Dreamboat, The Land of Dreams and the Dream Factory.
  • Plant seeds in the Fantasy Garden Bonus Area and grow plants to help Strawberry reach high places and collect various bonuses.
  • The 4 difficulty levels increase each time a new friend asks for Strawberry's help.