The Garfield Show


Space Lasagnas are preparing the Earth’s invasion. They will first have to neutralize their most terrible opponent: the endlessly hungry Garfield. Thanks to their mighty hypnotizing laser, the Lasagnas turn the mice completely mad. They become crazy and start to invade the whole city, causing chaos everywhere. The only way for Garfield to wash the hypnosis away is to beat the mice down. To do so, Garfield will chase the mice into Jon’s house, Vito’s pizzeria and even the butcher’s shop in order to teach the mice a good lesson. After all, every method is good to thwart the Lasagnas’ plans and eradicate the threat of the Space Lasagnas.

Key Features:

- 16 minigames.

- A story mode to play alone.

- A free mode up to 4 players.

- Compatible with motion plus and balance board