The Plan


Stephen Foster and Robert Taylor, the world's greatest thieves, have pulled off notorious heists around the globe. Five years ago, the mafia hired the duo to steal two famous paintings in exchange for a famously-valuable diamond. When greed got the best of Foster, the ruthless turncoat sacrificed his partner and crew for the chance to collect the payoff all for himself. Now, Taylor's day of redemption has come. The ultimate heist will require a team, the most sophisticated gear, and a watertight plan… The Plan.

Key Features

  • Play simultaneously with 3 characters in a new style of game!
  • Coordinate the actions of up to three characters from three different perspectives!
  • Infiltration skills and moves!
  • Action and gunfights possibilities!
  • Dozen of High-tech gadgets!
  • Seven playable characters!
  • Action-packed storyline!