Wanted Corp

Wantedcorp 1
Wantedcorp 2

“Wanted Corp.” is a 3rd person cooperative action-shooter game compatible with Sony’s Motion Controller. During the game, up to 2 players can embody two charismatic bounty hunters (the raw Neal Maddogg and the mysterious Irina-Ys) to track down the most wanted criminals of the galaxy, escaped during their transfer. Neutralizing fugitives, exploring the hostile stages, and collecting much sought-after stuffs allow the bounty hunters to earn some cash in order to upgrade their equipment and abilities.

Key Features:

- 3 campaigns and 8 sub-missions

- Single player, local or online co-op gameplay

- Blast enemies as bounty hunters Neal H. MadDogg and Irina Zimoy

- Use kinetic, magical powers to capture enemies or annihilate them with deadly weapons